Friday, January 2, 2009


So initially, I wasnt sure how to throw the idea out to my wife about inviting others in to our bedroom.  I knew I had to be tactful, so I decided to explore the idea one night after dinner (and of course enough liquid courage to loosen us both up).  I decided to ask the question. If you could sleep with one of my friends, who would it be? She, of course declined to say. The old "This is a trap, isnt it?" look came over her face. I decided to push the subject, and admit to her the thought of being with somebody else turned me on. She asked "So you wouldnt be jealous or uncomfortable watching me have sex with another man?"  I honestly didnt think it would be any problem. I have the ability to seperate the physical and emotional aspects of sex. Humans need both parts of sex. Some can handle them seperatly, some can't. I can, and was hoping she could as well. 

I told her that I wouldnt mind starting with somebody we both knew and felt comfortable with. I suggested my best friend from my hometown.  I could tell from the sly smile on her face that the idea peaked her interest. Instead of shooting the idea down, she said "And you think he would be interested?" I knew at that point things had changed forever.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Lions Den

So we visited an adult bookstore called The Lions Den. It was our first visit together to an XXX shop, although I had been to one on several occasions in the past. We decided since we were intoxicated and both horny as hell that we would go ahead and grab porn and a few toys. We decided on a vibrator and a dildo. I told her I would pick the porn and she could pick the toys. Now for those who havent been to an adult bookstore, you can literally pick from any size dildo you could possibly think of. Tiny ones that look like a pinky toe, to massive ones that are literally longer than my arm. (They even have fists. Strange shit)  Well, I assumed she would pick a fake cock similar to my size. I am slightly above average in that dept. Instead, she picked a cock that was about 9" long and as thick as a coke can. I was a bit taken aback, but deep down inside, really turned on, so I went along with it. We went back to our room, and started in. I lubed her up, and began to slowly fuck her with the head of the dildo while she played with her vibrator against her clit. Then I started talking dirty to her, something we hadnt really experimented with at this point in our marriage. I started talking about how she must like that huge cock filling her up, and how I bet she was really fucking somebody while I watched. About 2 minutes later, I literally thought she was having a seizure. She came so hard, that she grabbed my arm (the one ramming the giant dick inside of her) and literally left a mark on it that didnt go away for a week. She said that it was without a doubt the hardest she had ever cum before. I knew then that we were on to something. And things just kept getting better and better.

The Background

OK, so sometimes living the lifestyle isnt good enough. So I decided to share the escapades of our life, anonymously, of course. Here is the background.  I am a 35 year old man. College educated, great job, good living, slightly above average looking. My wife is frickin' HOT. I out-punted my coverage. She is 31, blonde, beautiful eyes, great body (especially her ass, my favorite). We met through work back in 97'. We flirted for about 6 mos before actually going out on a date. I honestly thought she was way out of my league, but I made her laugh, and I think she liked that. I fell in love with her after the first date. We married 2 years later. Sex pre-marriage was always good. Nothing overly kinky or abnormal, just good sex. After we got married, things slowed down, as I guess the normally do. Then came our child, which REALLY slowed things down. I began to become somewhat frustrated with the frequency of our sex, and quite honestly, the quality. We both seemed to be going through the motions, and were bored. About 3 years ago, we were visiting my hometown, and were childless for the weekend. We went to dinner, and 3 bottles of wine later, the topic of sex came up. We started talking about wanting to try to keep things fresh and exciting, and decided to visit an adult bookstore that night. That was the beginning of our sexual revolution.